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"An All-On-X Gave Me My Life Back Again."

I have had issues with my teeth for well over 20 years. I was a cigarette smoker for over 40 years and it caused damage not only to the gums but to the bone as well. I was losing teeth periodically a couple of teeth per year and I decided it was time to get something done. I had all my teeth removed and I had been with a facility and they just didn’t seem to have the capability to do a proper implant and provide a solution that was adequate for what they were charging.

So initially, I thought I might be able to get away with an inexpensive pair of dentures. Removable dentures that I would remove on a daily basis and clean and put back in. Those dentures never fit well. So honestly, I didn’t use them. I left them out as often as I could have I was out in public. I would put them in but at home. I would leave them out and I would eat without them. Eating with them was even worse than- you would eat and your teeth would move. I knew I needed a permanent solution. I knew I needed something better and I knew I needed… I have to step up and spend a little more.

I was losing teeth periodically a couple of teeth per year and I decided it was time to get something done.

Dr. Price:

When I meet Tod, his biggest frustration was that he was wearing dentures for about 14 months. He had been going to about three different practices, had multiple dentures made, and just really unhappy. The way he explained it to me, he hadn’t been wearing those dentures very long, very much throughout the entire time. So he felt like he was without teeth for about 14 months until about the point he met me.

At that point, he had told me he just looking for something that was fixed. Something that required a lot less space than a denture did and that was when I offered him dental implants for his solution and our hybrid product, our All-on-X product. It was at that point that he said let’s go ahead and continue. It was a matter of days before he began treatment and the very next day, we were able to put in some screw retained teeth and almost immediately, you can see the change in his personality.


The implants feel natural. They feel as though they’re my natural teeth. I don’t feel it though I have something in my mouth. I feel like I have my teeth in my mouth. I have my life back again. There’s never a wait here at Sumter Landing Dental. When they schedule you, you come in, you go in. So between the customer service, the solution that they provided, the level of technology that they provide and have, the 3D imaging, the CT scanning. I found a home here at Sumter Landing Dental and I have been recommending people and my wife’s going to be a patient very soon. I think I found a good place here.

I haven’t looked better since I was 20 years old and people are telling me how great I look and they don’t realize that I have had new teeth. They just tell me, are you losing weight? Did you get a haircut? You look fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with this solution, I could not be happier and I’m telling you that from the heart, I love it. I couldn’t be happier and so is my wife.

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