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"After Years Of Dental Issues, An All-On-X Gave Me The Look And Function That I Needed."

While I was young growing up, I’ve always had bad teeth. I’ve always spent time in the dentist at least once every 2 months minimum and I’ve had teeth crowns pulled. I had bad teeth in general. And also, they started to put me on some medication too and I noticed my teeth started to become very brittle and they would rot out one at a time. Now, it would start in the back first and then, work its way sort of to the front and I couldn’t hide the smile anymore. Going to see family, friends, hanging out, having a good time, you want to laugh like that’s the main part of a party. You wanna have a good time, you want to laugh, you want to be yourself, I forgot how that felt for so long. My teeth just got fixed, but I’ve been this way for about, I would say, a good 10 to 12 years.

While I was young growing up, I've always had bad teeth. I've always spent time in the dentist at least once every 2 months minimum and I've had teeth crowns pulled.

Dr. Price:

Teddy was a special case. When I met him, almost every tooth in his mouth was bad and so we had explained to him that we weren’t going to be able to save his teeth and we will have to remove everything. We went ahead and gave him the options going from classic dentures, to snap, to something more fixed. It was at that time that he accepted the All-on-X prosthetic, implant-supported prosthetic for both the top and the bottom. He didn’t hesitate to accept, so we went ahead and took our records and within a matter of weeks, we went ahead and begin the surgery.


I would carry around a little red see-through container and what was in it was, it wasn’t like a real cap, it was just a little tooth and it works for a couple-, You know, I still had a little confidence but then it sort of rotting my front tooth. I couldn’t hide it no more. There was no way to cover up anything. I couldn’t put the cheap cap that I got and I had that jar for a good 2 to 3 years.

It took some time, but we finally came to Sumter Dental and he worked with me. I mean, through every step of the way even his assistant. They became family like I can stop here not even have any dental work done and come by, just to say hi how much they really changed my life. And now, I can go out, I can smile, I can eat. I mean, at one point when I got my teeth, it took me about a month to adjust myself to eating steak, again, or food with any bite.

I’m happy right now. Of course, I’m a little nervous. But if you really doubting, if you should do it or you’re on the fence, do it. It’s going to change your life. It’s going to give your confidence back. I really wish you can feel how I feel. But if you really thinking about it, go for it. It’ll be the best decision you made in your life.

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