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"No More Useless Dental Visits Thanks To My All-On-X."

I was told years ago that I had bad mouth chemistry. So when I had a bridge put in, it loosened up after five years. When I had root canals they didn’t go down all the way deep enough to get to the root itself. And when I had broken teeth, as I age, they just would break. The most frustrating part was, first of all, you had to find a good dentist. And then you had a hope you trusted the dentist. And then when he did do the work, you believe in your mind, it’s for life. And then all of a sudden, the bridge comes loose, that tooth breaks off, the cavities are back.

I was told years ago that I had bad mouth chemistry. So when I had a bridge put in, it loosened up after five years.

Dr. Price:

When I met Miss Kathleen, she was coming to me from multiple practices. She was telling me her different dental problems. She had cavities here, fallen bridges, and she just didn’t want to invest any more in her teeth. So she had been exploring dental implants, at which point she came to my practice and we gave our consultation specifically for implants. And so, we gave her the option of doing an implant-supported all-on X prosthetic. She almost didn’t have much of a change cosmetically. It was looked very natural and so for her, that was very important.


I live in it, over, 55 community. So there are a lot of people that talk about their dentist. So this one fella, his wife, she never smiled, she never really ate any good food. He shopped around and found Dr. Price. And then, when I saw his wife, she smiled, I was sold. The other thing that I had heard about him and really liked about him, he has state-of-the-art technology.

When I walked in, I was just impressed with his whole staff. They were very knowledgeable. When he came in, he was very friendly, nice smile, and he got right to the specifics, which is what I like. So I listened to everything he said and when I left, the staff was just as friendly as when I walked in. So, it’s kind of a given, he’s the guy. I can chew and I have a nice smile, and I don’t have to keep making dental appointments to have cavities filled, caps put back on, tighten bridges and replace them. If I take care of my teeth, I will only have to see him just a few times a year to make sure I’m doing it correctly. And of course, I don’t want him to yell at me because he’s nice. I don’t want to ruin his day.

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