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Many dental patients in The Villages, FL avoid getting the care they need for a healthy, beautiful smile because of dental fear and anxiety. If that sounds like you, put your mind at ease. You’ll have a comfortable, low-stress experience here at Sumter Landing Dental Care. Our practice boasts a rare combination of positivity, comfortable amenities, and minimally invasive dental technology that makes it easy to overcome your concerns. In fact, we want you to not only receive the dental care you need, but also enjoy your dental visit! We offer sedation dentistry and dental anesthesia services customized to your unique level of dental fear to minimize your anxiety and worry. We will work to help you combine multiple treatments into one efficient appointment, minimizing the number of visits you have overall. Let our sedation dentistry treatment put your fears to rest and not only change your relationship with dentistry, but ultimately your smile!

We offer sedation dentistry services customized to your unique level of dental fear to minimize your anxiety and worry.

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Can Sedation Dentistry Help You?

Oral Sedation Can Give You the Power to Restore Your Smile

Oral sedation is a comfortable, easy dental sedation solution to many people’s fears about dental appointments. It’s as easy as taking a pill or two! In some cases, the medication can be taken an hour before treatment or upon arrival at the dentist’s office. Depending on the type of medication, as well as the potency of the prescription, patients may feel anything from a moderate decrease in anxiety to feeling so relaxed they fall asleep in the chair. Combined with local dental anesthesia, we can ensure a comfortable, low-stress experience. Imagine napping through your next dental appointment! With this type of dental sedation, it may be necessary for a friend or family member to provide transportation home.

Relax Your Way to Better Oral Health

Anxiety about the sights, sounds or smells of a dental visit can keep you from getting the oral care you need. Luckily, sedation dentistry and effective dental anesthesia may be the solution to help you overcome your fears and reclaim your health. What many of our patients don’t realize is that receiving regular dental care is a key step in preventing serious dental issues, as well as whole-body health problems. Avoiding the dentist due to fear can cause a cascade of effects. Simple tooth decay can lead to severe infection, which can in turn cause tooth loss or abscess. Left unchecked, the disease-causing bacteria found in gum disease can spread throughout the body and lead to diabetes complications, high blood pressure, and even cardiovascular disease.

We don’t think anyone should experience these side effects, which is why we encourage everyone with dental fear to consider sedation dentistry near you in The Villages, FL. We also partner with multiple insurance companies and will help you file claims to ensure your entire treatment process is painless, from beginning to end. Don’t let your dental anxiety become a whole-body health challenge! Explore your sedation dentistry and dental anesthesia options with us at Sumter Landing Dental Care in The Villages, FL, and receive the life-changing and life-saving dental care you need, in absolute comfort.

Conquer your fear and embrace better oral health today.

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