Interested In Having A Tooth Implant Procedure? Here Is What The Procedure Process Looks Like For Tooth Implants In The Villages, FL

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For those who have one or more missing teeth, they should consider getting them replaced with tooth implants in The Villages, FL. Tooth implants are considered to be a gold standard tooth replacement option. From single dental implants, to full mouth dental implants, there are dental implant options to meet every patient’s needs. By going to a skilled and trusted doctor’s office, patients can get the new smile of their dreams with tooth implants.

Interested in learning more about how tooth implants are placed. Continue reading to learn more about what the procedure process looks like for tooth implants.

What Does The Procedure Process For Tooth Implants In The Villages, FL?

During the tooth implant procedure process, patients will get personalized care throughout each step of the procedure. The tooth implant procedure process begins with a consultation where the patients dental and medical history is discussed. Digital images are also taken of the patient’s oral structures during the consultation, so that a customized tooth implant procedure plan can be created.

Before the tooth implant surgery begins, the patient is administered sedation dentistry so that they have a comfortable and anxiety free tooth implant procedure. If tooth extractions or bone grafting procedures are needed, those can also be performed before the tooth implants are placed.

Cone Beam CT scans and Intraoral scanners are also used to create digital models of the patient’s oral anatomy to make sure that the dental implants are accurately angled and placed into their jawbone. Once the tooth implants are securely placed in the patient’s jawbone, a temporary prosthesis is placed during the same surgical procedure.

After the tooth implants have fused with the patient’s jawbone, the temporary prosthesis can be replaced with a custom-made final prosthesis. With tooth implants, patients will be able to maintain a normal diet, speak clearly, and smile confidently for years to come.

How Do Tooth Implants Benefit Me?

Tooth implants can benefit patients smiles in numerous ways. The following are the specific ways tooth implants can benefit patients’ smiles:

  • Restores dental functionality
  • The final prosthesis gives patients natural looking and feeling new teeth
  • Patients get a dramatic confidence boost with their complete smile makeover
  • Improves oral and physical health
  • Gives patients a significantly better overall quality of life


Come To Our Office So We Can Restore Your Smile With A Tooth Implant Procedure

Interested in restoring your smile with a tooth implant procedure? We use the latest techniques and technologies to improve your smile with tooth implants. Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. David Price, Dr. Anil Patel, and our exceptional team at our Sumter Landing Dental Care office to schedule an appointment today!

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